Our objective is to create works of a very good quality, even at the level of the smallest details and implicitly, to obtain the price our beneficiaries
People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do!

About Us

S.C. STIZO Nuclear S.A. Cernavodă was founded by reorganization of the Special Work and Technological Insulations Trust (TLSIT) and it is a company with construction work execution profile, having a collective of professionals with experience and reputation in the fields of activity in which they operate. Honoring promptly and correctly the contractual obligations, but also meeting the assigned time limits and budgets of the works, make our company a serious and efficient partner, able to successfully complete complex projects, both through rigorous coordination of the works and by executing them at a high level of quality.

S.C. STIZO NUCLEAR S.A. . is a member company of the VINCI Energies group – world leader in the construction market.

STIZO Nuclear S.A. is a company specialized in the execution of construction works, having as its main field construction works in the nuclear sector in Cernavodă, but equally in the civil sector (industrial area Constanța and Constanța port).

Prompt and fair compliance with the contractual terms and requirements to meet deadlines and allocated budgets strongly recommends our company as a strong and serious partner where the highest level of quality is mandatory.

The company has its own stock of high-performance machines and equipment that can perform any job on established terms.

All works are performed by specialized and skilled personnel with a high level of qualification. The works are executed in accordance with the requirements of the technical execution documentation and with the specific rules.

Combining the highest quality of materials used and the high qualification of our staff, your plans and constructions are definitely committed to meet the quality guarantee.

Areas of activity
în sectorul Nuclear (SN) și sectorul Civil (SC)

The experience, seriousness and professional training of our team, as well as the capacity of the workforce and technical equipment, guarantee the execution of works in the fields of:

Industrial constructions
  • STIZO Nuclear S.A. company performs turnkey industrial constructions comprising excavation (including in limited spaces through the creation of work premises), land improvement (stone cushion), concrete structure itself (including load-bearing masonry works), waterproofing below and above ground, finishes, both in the Nuclear field as well as in the Civil field.
Consolidation of structures in construction
  • The company owns technological processes for strengthening of concrete structures in the Nuclear field and the Civil field.
Thermal insulation on pipes and equipment
  • Insulation with mineral wool and sheet metal protection on pipes and equipment, including the metal structure supporting them. In the Nuclear field and the Civil field.
  • Cold insulation for temperatures up to -160ᵒC with foamglass, polyurethane, polyisocyanurate, kaiflex, armaflex, polystyrene and sheet protection using a proprietary execution technology. In the Nuclear field and the Civil field.
Closing metallic structures with sandwich panels.
  • Insulation with mineral wool or polyurethane
Refractory concrete linings
  • Refractory concrete linings applied by shotcrete, casting and stamping, including welding of the metallic support structure in compliance with the national regulatory authority ISCIR requirements, both in the Nuclear and Civil fields. The execution of refractory concrete in the oil processing industry is in accordance with UOP norms.
Anti-corrosive protections
  • STIZO Nuclear S.A. performs a wide range of anti-corrosive protection on metallic and concrete structures.
  • In Nuclear field performs decontaminable epoxy/polyurethane linings on concrete structures (walls, ceilings, floors), and for water basins it has the execution technology, both approved by the Client and CNCAN - the national authority for the regulation, authorization and control of nuclear activities.
Fire protection executed with mortars or intumescent paints
  • Fireproofing with mortar based on mineral wool, cement and additions of fire-resistant materials. The material used by us has technical approval, being certified both in hydrocarbon and cellulosic regime.
  • Intumescent paints offer solutions for both cellulosic and hydrocarbon fires. The company, the execution staff, as well as the tools and equipment provided are ISU (firefighters) approved.
  • In the Nuclear field and the Civil field.

Thermo-hydro insulation
  • STIZO Nuclear S.A. executes various types of thermo-hydro insulations according to the given projects, or upon request according to its own technologies in the Nuclear field and the Civil field.
Special works
  • STIZO Nuclear S.A. performs shotcrete works, closing cracks in concrete by injection and settlement joints sealing according to its own technologies in the Nuclear field and the Civil field.

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All the works performed by STIZO Nuclear S.A. are regulated, being approved by the Clients, and also in the Nuclear field by CNCAN - the national authority responsible for the regulation, authorization and control of nuclear activities.